Democracies or Islamic countries? Indonesian half-century tangled

Indonesia is neither an Islamic country

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Car and electric car crash caused by a death 1 injured driver drowned

Rescue workers in the incident near the waters will Lu Moumou salvaged water

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Guangxi men obstruct law enforcement "kiss" urban management police: 3 people were detained

Urban Management Enforcement Bureau Hedong squadron number of law enforcement officers found that Jinglan Road, home Changwang flour store there is illegal illegal possession of goods

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Shaanxi Shenmu a coal mine collapsed 11 people were rescued by the vice governor rushed to the scene

Requiring full search and rescue of trapped persons

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The Philippines broadcasts the Nanhai documentary to incite anti - China sentiment

Photo of the South Island Reef Filipino national television station on the 12th broadcast a documentary on the South China Sea issue

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Subway quasi - mother and girl quarrel video became popular

You are jealous of my beauty ~ jealousy of the face of you than you beautiful ~ jealousy of the body of the body than you good ~

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The riots on the Nepal border The police shot and killed an Indian

The riots took place at the port of Nepal in the southern part of Nepal

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Men "incense" more than 30 years suffering from Parkinson's mosquito coils or behind the scenes

And some patients with Parkinson's disease in the event of typical exercise symptoms 10 years to 20 years ago suffering from constipation

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Henan Yexian two deputy mayor due to banned burning straw was dismissed

Henan Province, the government has been on May 27 has been found to have burning straw burning point of Ye County, Xichuan, Lushan and other six counties for accountability

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Xiong'an District, stationery shop owner: the house fried high is not afraid of home no room

(Reporter Ni Hao photography Cui Meng)

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"Nibert" landing in the country always start a class II emergency response

Is expected to land in Fujian coastal maximum wind up to 12 to 14 level

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Can eat the Galaxy: Star Cake popular social network (Figure)

Starcake style and color is close to 2000 species

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The central inspector blowing Hebei environmental storms Enterprise: knife around the neck

Central environmental inspectors for the first time in Hebei Sword

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Huang Qifan: There are five kinds of new financial cooperation

Chongqing in 2015 offshore financial settlement of 100 billion US dollars

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The Clinton portrait was accused of hiding the Lewinsky blue skirt sparking hot

The Clinton family has put pressure on the National Portrait Gallery

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Yunnan Zhenxiong occurred with a landslide accident caused two people lost (Figure)

Lu Xiao photo for the rescue scene

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There is no tsunami warning of the 5.8 earthquake in the eastern coast of New Zealand

New Zealand authorities have not yet issued tsunami warnings

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Beijing afternoon to night there is a clear rain local rainstorm hail (Figure)

There are heavy rain in the northern region (15 to 30 mm)

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Beijing today will be in the rain local wind hail

It is the obvious time of the rainy afternoon before midnight

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