Police pull the gun police men take the opportunity to seize the XingJu

Received a clue of the Dazhou City Public Security Bureau of Dachuan Branch police to Feng Hua Shuai hiding place for Dunshou
Dazhou City police escorted arrested criminal suspects Chu Si Lian (wrapped scarves) suspects Huahua handsome trouble, attack the police, snatch guns, guns absconded. Recently, Sichuan Province, Dazhou City Tongchuan District Procuratorate to suspicion of trouble, robbery of gun crime, drug trafficking crime on the sensation of the "grab gun case" suspects Huahua Shuai approved the arrest of the crime of trafficking in drugs on the same case Suspects Mi Zhaoping, Kang Zhengqing, Chu Si Lian, Feng Huaping approved the arrest. According to the investigation, at noon on March 29 this year, 34-year-old Feng Hua Shuai in Dazhou City Dachuan District Maternal and Child Health Hospital to sit on the Liu car, when the car arrived in Sichuan District West Ring Road with a taxi took place Cut rub. Liu and taxi drivers in the process of dispute, Feng Hua Shuai quietly from the other side of the car, with the dagger to carry the taxi driver left shoulder stabbed after the escape. Escape Feng Hua Shuai did not run away, but hiding in a family hospital. 19:00 the same day, received a clue of the Dazhou City Public Security Bureau Dachuan Branch police to Feng Huashan hiding place for Dunshou. Dunshou process, the police found Feng Hua Shuai and Chu Si Lian into the corridor, then decided to implement the arrest downstairs. In the police to the two that identity, asked to cooperate with the investigation, Feng Hua Shuai not cooperate and attack the police. The police immediately pulled out to carry the 64-type guns to warn, Chu Si Lian seeing quickly flee the scene, Feng Hua Shuai in the resistance took the opportunity to take the police with guns, and carrying the gun to escape. Police guns were robbed, causing panic in the citizens of the state, the public security organs to quickly release the case of the briefing, called on the public to provide clues to assist in the investigation, and in all the junctions check the card, the city to pursue. On the morning of March 30, the criminal suspect Chu Si was arrested in the city of Dazhou, was robbed of guns that afternoon in the old city of a trash can be found. March 31, forced by a strong pressure, fleeing the suspects Huahua handsome to the public security organs to surrender, the public security organs from their carry items seized 64 ancient suspects. April 1, the public security organs in the suspects Feng Hua Shuai's rental room for sale of ice suspected suspensions 1651.4 grams, 6 grams of ancient anti-suspected. At the same time also identified, Feng Huai Shuai in January 2016 after his release in prison, contact the prison guards rice Zhaoping to provide drugs, instructed his brother Huaping rental rental housing, hiding drugs, instructed the closure of Huaping, Chu Si Lian two delivery Sales. In just three months time, Feng Hua Shuai will build a Ziyang City to Dazhou City drug trafficking channel, in Dazhou City wantonly selling drugs. After the criminal suspects were sentenced to imprisonment, Tongchuan District Procuratorate in accordance with the law in advance to intervene, organized several cases to analyze the case, to guide the investigation and evidence collection, from the fast arrest of six suspects involved. At present, the case is being further investigated

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