The man lost the wrong card number 27,000 switch to another police asked the recipient by abuse

Police station to Liu when the phone call
China Merchants News (Reporter Qing Rongbo) from Lanzhou to Xi'an, still did not return the wrong account of 27,000 yuan, 25-year-old Mr. Wang do not know how to express their depressed. Party: the recipient at first admitted to account "more money" Mr. Wang is Gansu, according to him, on October 30 at 5 pm, he took the cousin's postal savings card to Lanzhou City, an ATM Machine to the landlord of the Industrial and Commercial Bank card transfer 27,000 yuan room rate, transfer after the success of his left. At 9 o'clock in the evening, the landlord asked why did not receive the money. Mr. Wang quickly control the transfer of the vouchers and found the landlord's account after the two wrong, "after the two were originally 86, I lost 78, and the transfer did not show the owner's name." The next day a big Early, Mr. Wang to find bank outlets, hoping to help each other inquiries. Soon, he went to the information transferred to the account, the other name Liu, Xi'an, his ICBC accounts do have a turn into. "Lanzhou Industrial and Commercial Bank of the staff also asked Liu to call the matter, Liu began to admit that the account is indeed inexplicable more money, said he was in Xi'an north of Yanta Road, let me go to Xi'an Processing. "Mr. Wang said, in order to be prudent, the bank staff let him first report to the police. Mr. Wang went to Lanzhou City Public Security Bureau Anning Branch Shili shop police station police. So he did not expect is that the police station to call the police, was Liu's abuse, do not say that their cards have no money on this matter, said the police is a liar. In desperation, Mr. Wang and his friends went to Xi'an overnight. To the other phone call was called "telecommunications fraud" Mr. Wang hand in hand evidence is his cousin postal savings card water and October 30 transfer vouchers, the above shows, 27,000 yuan transferred to the tail number of 78 Industrial and Commercial Bank On the card. He sent a message to Liu, to the effect that, as long as willing to return the money, a fraction can not be, but has not been Liu's reply, "Yesterday afternoon, China Daily News reporter and Lanzhou City Public Security Bureau of Anning Branch Shili shop police station made contact, duty police confirmed that Mr. Wang did go to the police station reported the police, the police also to Liu called the phone, but no effect. Yesterday afternoon 3 pm, according to Mr. Wang to provide the phone number, China Business News reporter to call Liu asked the situation, but Liu mouth to say that they are telecommunications fraud. The reporter asked him whether there is more money on the card, the other is full of dirty words. Liu's residence is the public security Beilin Branch of the literary and art school police station area, 4 pm, Mr. Wang to the Wenyi Road police station for help, then, the police station to call Liu to verify the matter, Liu's attitude is still very arrogant. On the attitude of Liu, Mr. Wang some unreasonable, suspected that they are a liar, you can go to the police station or government departments to check, not their own things, if taken, and my heart will be safe? Lawyers: improper profit should be returned nowadays, through the ATM machine or network transfer into someone else's account of things often happen, like Mr. Wang will transfer money to Liu's account, what should I do? Last night, Gao Jin, a law firm in Shaanxi Gao Jin, said that there was a similar thing, first of all, according to the wrong card number or network payment information (e-mail address, mobile phone number) to contact each other to negotiate the return. If the other party refused to repay, you can collect evidence of the wrong transfer, and then to the recipient area where the court filed a "unjust enrichment" litigation. According to Article 29 of the General Principles of the Civil Law of China, if there is no lawful basis and the improper interests are obtained and the loss of others is caused, the person who has obtained the improper benefits shall be returned to the lost person.

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