Why did the Long March 5 launch at the end of the window period?

This will be very smooth during the start-up process
Why did you launch at the last moment of the window? What happened before the launch? 】 【Aerospace Science and Technology Group, a long march Long March 5 rocket vice president Lou Luliang exclusive revealed: rocket boost the product out of some small problems, after expert discussion that does not affect the back of the launch, inspection and discussion process took a little time, then It is decided that there are nearly three hours in the window, accounting for an hour should be no problem. But in the back of the liquid hydrogen filling process, because the characteristics of a long five is a Frostbolt, that is, the volume of liquid hydrogen is very large, after the first increase to ensure that the engine inside some of the components can be cooled to a sufficient temperature, so In the start process will be very smooth. In the start-up process, found that some parameters are not designed to work, the scene to organize the relevant technical staff to discuss, according to the plan for a variety of investigation work, basically at the last moment, a successful solution to the problem, according to the back of the window, the first The rocket went up to space. (Central Canton reporter Ding Fei)

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